This report identifies seven ways in which an SHA can harm the environment: (1) excessive consumption of virgin materials; (2) unnecessary levels or amounts of storm water runoff; (3) release of environmental contaminants by SHA employees and contractors; (4) inadequate environmental training of employees and contractors; (5) wasteful use of energy by SHA employees and contractors; (6) the promotion of excessive driving by the public and concomitant release of green house gases; and (7) inadequate oversight mechanisms and procedures to prevent unsustainable practices. The report then identifies the sustainable practices and related performance measures SHAs can use to prevent or minimize each type of environmental harm and reduce its overall use of resources. SHAs are adopting many of these practices. Given the diversity of ways that the activities of a SHA can harm the environment, it is imperative that SHAs respond along a comprehensive front. A comprehensive program for sustainability will contain a number of specific policies and reforms. It will also incorporate specific mission mandates and possibly create a new organizational unit tasked with responsibility for training and oversight.

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