The current economic climate has forced transportation agencies to evaluate opportunities to save money. One possible opportunity lies in Design/Build (DB) delivery. In 2006, with the approval of the Kentucky General Assembly, The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet selected ten projects to be developed through the Design/Build method. DB delivery offers many attainable advantages, the most notable being expedited delivery. The research described herein presents a case study of these DB pilot projects in order to capture lessons learned on the use of the DB delivery method on future projects. In order to determine which projects are suitable for DB delivery, a scorecard was developed based upon factors observed over the course of the DB pilot projects. Another important aspect of the DB pilot projects was their cost, it was believed their costs were much higher than a comparable design/bid/build (DBB) projects. However, after a thorough cost analysis, it was determined that the DB projects cost the Cabinet only an estimated three percent more than comparable DBB projects. The DB pilot projects have had mixed results. Several recommendations are provided that will assist agencies with DB project selection and successful management of DB projects.

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