The objectives of this study were to review and analyze current procedures in order to implement a process for collecting and analyzing weigh-in-motion (WIM) data to insure an adequate and accurate representation of weights of vehicles using Kentucky’s roadways. A literature review of WIM data collection equipment, practices and procedures indicated that a range of options are available and used by other agencies. Piezoelectric cable detection systems were most frequently used and provided adequate accuracy, if attention is given to monitoring and calibration.

An overall assessment of Kentucky’s WIM data collection program resulted in recommendations for: 1) increased use of cell modems for more efficient data download, 2) attention to quality control of data with a routine program of polling sites and monitoring consistency of front-axle weights, 3) expansion of WIM data collection program to capture a wider range of functional class coverage of truck traffic, 4) attention to weight data collection on coal-hauling routes, 5) consideration of using static weigh station data to increase coverage of truck weight monitoring, 6) initiation of a data collection plan to capture sufficient data to develop length-based classification factors, 7) continued review and evaluation of new software that has the capability of increasing the efficiency and accuracy of WIM data processing, and 8) evaluation of the cost-effectiveness of expanded and accurate WIM data collection and the impact on pavement thickness designs.

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