Public involvement with proposed projects is necessary to facilitate their timely implementation by state highway agencies. New procedures are necessary to involve the public in the project development process and adequately address their concerns. Kentucky Transportation Center (KTC) researchers and Kentucky Transportation Cabinet Study Advisory Committee members cooperated to identify a set of recommended actions to be considered for implementation by the Cabinet. That work consisted of a series of “internal” reviews of problems and proposed solutions. That was supplemented by external reviews and interviews conducted by KTC researchers to identify “best practices” of other transportation agencies related to promoting public involvement and enhancing their public image. The recommended master plan is comprised of four Categories for Improvement, that addresses12 Principle Initiatives (major goals) that are to be initiated by 41underlying Key Action Steps. The Master Plan is to be implemented in a relatively short three-year time frame. It is intended to support the Cabinet’s adoption of context-sensitive design, to enhance the Cabinet’s ability to involve the public and other stakeholders and to bring the Cabinet to a new level of environmental sensitivity and action.

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