The number of motorcycle crashes (especially fatal crashes) has increased substantially in Kentucky in the past several years. A detailed analysis of crashes involving motorcycles could provide insight into the characteristics and causes of these crashes and identify potential countermeasures for addressing the problem. The objectives of this study were to: a) evaluate and analyze motorcycle crashes and b) identify the causes and potential countermeasures to reduce the number and severity of the crashes.

The literature was reviewed to determine the state-of-the-art related to motorcycle crash research. An analysis of traffic crashes involving motorcycles was conducted using several years of crash data. The characteristics of motorcycle crashes were compared to all traffic crashes. A more detailed review and analysis was performed for fatal crashes involving motorcycles. Roadway locations (0.3-mile spots and one-mile sections) with the highest frequency of motorcycle crashes were identified. Motorcycle crash data were analyzed by county and city. Separate analyses of driver license and motorcycle registration data were conducted.

Contributing factors to traffic accidents can be placed into the following three general categories: a) vehicular, b) environmental, and 3) human. The environmental area, which can be addressed by a transportation agency, is the roadway. The driver is the human factor which can be addressed. Potential countermeasures in these of these areas were identified using the results of the crash analysis and review of literature.

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