The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet implemented a 220 MHz wireless communication system as part of the TRIMARC traffic management system. The purpose of this research effort was to evaluate the use of the 220 MHz system to transmit data collected at the roadside to an operations center to enable operators to make sound decisions regarding traffic flow within the greater metropolitan area of Louisville, Kentucky. The attributes of the 220 MHz communication system, relative to functional reliability and cost effectiveness of the system were evaluated to determine if further use of 220 MHz technology for ITS applications is warranted.

The performance of the 220 MHz system has, by all accounts, been superb. The reliability of the system has been excellent when compared with conventional phone line service. The 220 MHz system has also proven to be extremely cost effective. The cost data obtained for this study indicate significant cost savings over the life of the project and recouping the initial extra investment practically within the first year after installation.

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