In the fall of 2000 the Kentucky Transportation Center (KTC) began a planning study on behalf of the Kentucky Transporta tion Cabinet (KYTC) to investigate the bicycle and pedestrian access on KY 1968 (Parkers Mill Road) from Man O War Boulevard to New Circle Road in Lexington. The 1-mile section has a rural design with two 9-foot lanes, limited 3-foot earth shoulders and adjacent objects in the clear zone making travel on this road uncomfortable for pedestrians and cyclists. Yet this section of Parkers Mill Road represents a line of desired non-motorized travel due to parks, neighborhoods, a local high school, the sidewalk network on Man O War and the excellent bicycling to the west of the city in this area. Parkers Mill Road is scheduled to be reconstructed in 10 to 15 years but an interim temporary solution to pedestrian and bicycle access along this travel corridor is being sought. The objective of this planning and design study was to gather background information and include all interested parties in developing alternative plans for bicycle and pedestrian travel along Parkers Mill Road.

The study consisted of collection of background information and extensive field data collection. A well-attended meeting of interested neighborhood and community groups defined problems and possible solutions for the particular route. During the meeting, the stakeholders completed a survey using electronic polling equipment and software. Ideally a solution would address the following community needs:

  • provision of recreational opportunities for the neighborhood and community;
  • accommodation of pedestrians;
  • accommodation of club or advanced bicyclists;
  • accommodation of children and more causal bicyclists;
  • maintenance of the rural character of the road;
  • reduction of the high speed of motorized traffic (relatively high given the geometric design of the road);
  • reduction in the volume of motorized traffic using this road; and
  • protection of horses from people and people from horses.

This reports summaries nine alternative solutions, the associated costs and the extent to which they address community needs. The following alternatives were developed and are not mutually exclusive:

  • Shared Use Path on Either Farm Road South of Parkers Mill Road;
  • Shared Used Path on South Side of the Parks Mill Road;
  • Provision of a Sidewalk on the South Side of Parkers Mill Road;
  • Provision of Dedicated Infrastructure on the North Side of Parkers Mill Road;
  • Speed Humps or Other Traffic Calming;
  • Reduction in Speed Limit;
  • “Share the Road” Signs;
  • Road Closure; and
  • Convert to One-way Vehicle Traffic with Adjacent Biking/Walking Lane.

It is recommended that the community local officials review these options with KYTC to determine a plan of action.

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