A system of collecting, archiving, and disseminating lessons learned is a critical component of experienced-based processes, such as the design and construction of roadway and bridges. This report examines the development of a centralized, web-based Lessons Learned System for the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet. The research developed a working prototype of a lessons learned system that functions off of centrally located databases making it easier to administer and update. The Lessons Learned System was designed to accept both text and attachments through file uploads while maintaining relationships between these items of information in terms of a lesson learned. The report describes how the Lessons Learned System can be integrated into both the existing post construction review process and the proposed constructability program within the Cabinet. Although the system was designed to support the post construction review and constructability processes, its architecture will support other processes within the Cabinet where the archiving of lessons learned is important. The project also developed a process for maintaining the lessons learned system that includes the role of a gatekeeper to insure the quality and accuracy of the submitted and stored lessons.

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