This report provides a model for estimating the impact of highway projects on the environment and cultural amenities. The model was developed by the University of Kentucky Center for Business and Economic Research and was supported by funding from the Academy for Community & Transportation Innovation, a venture between the University of Kentucky, The University of Louisville, and the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet. This model provides a tool that transportation officials can use to examine any project’s impact on historic or environmental amenities.

The model allows transportation officials to design their analysis for a particular highway project. Officials simply select the environmental or historic amenity impacted, the size of the impact (e.g., the number of acres impacted), the setting (rural versus urban), and the model will provide an estimated value and range of values for the amenity. This flexibility and transparency also makes the model useful for transportation officials as a tool for explaining amenity impacts to communities. An extended bibliography is also provided to cover additional areas relevant to the topic but not used directly in development of the model.

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