This report investigates the performance of bridge decks reinforced with stainless steel clad (SSC) and micro-composite multistructural formable steel (MMFX) rebars. The two-span Galloway Road Bridge on route CR5218 over North Elkhorn Creek in Scott County, KY, was reinforced with SSC rebars in one span and MMFX rebars in the second span. The reinforcements are intended to prolong the service life of the newly constructed bridge decks due to the expected corrosion-resistance capability. Moment-curvature analyses indicated that MMFX RC decks had 57% and 85% higher strengths than SSC RC decks in positive and negative moment regions, respectively. The areas under the moment-curvature curves, a ductility indicator, of the MMFX RC decks, however, were 5% and 14% less than that of SSC RC decks in similar regions. Field performance of the bridge decks was monitored beginning in August 2001, following its completion in July 2001. Field evaluation consists of locating and measuring crack formation. As of September 2005, the cracks in the deck were not measurable since the maximum observed crack width was less than the smallest unit (e.g. 1/100 in.) on the crack comparator. This is also less than the maximum crack width (0.013 in.) allowed by the AASHTO Standard for exterior exposure.

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