Roadway pavement markings, colloquially referred to as “striping”, can be made of various combinations of paint and reflective beads. In the interest of aligning Kentucky with the state-of-the-art durable pavement marking practices of other states, the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) developed a research study aimed at improving pavement marking specifications and practices. This study reviewed current practices, identified potential improvements, and performed a systematic evaluation in a controlled environment on both asphalt and concrete roads. The state evaluated high-build waterborne paint, extruded and spray thermoplastic, polyurea, and preformed plastic tape, as well as several bead packages including M247, Missouri blend, Utah blend, and some proprietary blends. As the main deliverable from this research, this report details the performance of various pavement marking materials in terms of retroreflectivity, durability, and expected lifespan. Then, it provides data-supported recommendations for improvements to Kentucky’s durable pavement marking specifications.

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