This report discusses a project undertaken by Kentucky Transportation Center (KTC) researchers to create a comprehensive geotechnical database for highway planning, design, maintenance, and repair. The project consolidated multiple geotechnical data sources into a unified database accessible to Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) staff, enabling informed decision making and improving project outcomes. Databases were merged with great attention to detail, ensuring data integrity and coherence. A geotechnical data collector app developed as part of the project supports convenient and efficient data collection in the field, even when phones or tablets lack network connectivity. A rockfall rating app and landslide hazard rating system streamline the collection and assessment of rockfall and landslide data. The report highlights tools used to complete the project, including the ArcGIS suite (i.e., ArcMap, ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS Online, Collector, Field Maps, Survey123), Microsoft Visual Studio, and Microsoft SQL Server. These tools facilitate geodatabase management, field data collection, and data analysis. Detailed instructions and user manuals are provided for each application. Overall, project deliverables strengthen the Cabinet’s geotechnical data management as well as its geotechnical investigations, risk assessments, and mitigation strategies. It empowers staff by giving them access to valuable tools for data collection, analysis, and visualization, which in turn positively influence the safety and performance of Kentucky's highways.

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