This study recommends best practices to curb illegal weigh station bypassing by commercial motor vehicles (CMVs). Analysis of historical data collected by Kentucky State Police – Commercial Vehicle Enforcement (KSP-CVE) for 2017-2021 revealed that CMV drivers were charged with illegally bypassing weigh stations 2,616 times. Drivers were charged with an average of two other violations when cited for illegal bypassing — most often violations related to credentialing, vehicle safety, or driver safety. Site visits to three permanent weigh stations in Kentucky revealed that CMVs regularly bypass weigh stations illegally, including those authorized to use preclearance systems (Drivewyze and PrePass). A survey distributed to law enforcement officials in U.S. and Canadian jurisdictions found that 49% of the responding jurisdictions have seen a recent uptick in illegal bypasses. Most participating jurisdictions (70%) have conducted enforcement details to tamp down illegal bypassing, which indicates it is a widespread problem. Every illegal bypass likely results in jurisdictions missing out on revenues and increases the likelihood of poor safety outcomes. The safety and financial implications of illegal bypasses are substantial enough to warrant swift, comprehensive action to mitigate them.

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