This research contributes to Kentucky’s knowledge base of long-term maintenance needs in two parts. Part 1 presents an estimate of the average revenue needed to maintain four categories of highway in the first fifteen years after each is built or resurfaced. Total maintenance costs per mile for four types of facilities in five AADT volume categories were estimated. The results suggest that Kentucky is not resurfacing all its roads in a timely manner. Part II presents background information on preventive maintenance programs in the states. A review of the states found two recurring themes. The first was the widespread adoption of two types of preventive measures: thin overlays and crack sealing. The second theme was the adoption of maintenance schedules to ensure timely maintenance. The report recommends the development of a routine pavement maintenance program with three elements: (1) more timely resurfacing, (2) scheduled inspections of drainage and ditching, and (3) crack sealing. It is also recommended that the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet adopt ASSHTO’s recommended performance criteria and targets for sub-drainage assets.

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