Lidar technologies can assist transportation agencies during the design, construction, and maintenance phases of transportation projects. While Lidar has numerous applications, successfully deploying Lidar technologies is only possible if agencies have a solid understanding of their use cases and potential limitations. This report offers guidance the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) can use when making decisions on how to employ Lidar technologies in highway contexts. In addition to reviewing Lidar platforms and comparing Lidar-driven surveying to traditional surveying methods, the report examines challenges related to processing and storing Lidar data and the safety benefits Lidar technologies confer in the field. Brief case studies are presented which describe how Kentucky Transportation Center researchers have used Lidar to improve KYTC operations and asset management. Examples include measuring structure clearances, analyzing problematic road geometrics and monitoring slides. While Lidar technologies are beneficial, they are not appropriate for every project. As project size and complexity increases, the benefits of using Lidar technologies multiply.

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