The purpose of this project was to install and operate two manual infrared (IR) brake screening systems at Kentucky inspection facilities to enhance the quality of Level 1 safety inspections. A radio button in the inspection software allowed enforcement personnel to indicate when the IR equipment was used to select a truck for inspection. This feature allowed a direct comparison of performance measures (e.g., number of violations identified per inspection, out-of-service rate, etc.) for IR-generated inspections versus all inspections.

The evaluation focused on inspections at the Lyon County site for a 60-day period during September and October 2021. Analysis of the data showed that use of the IR technology to select trucks for inspection resulted in a substantially higher number of violations detected, a substantially higher out-of-service rate, and increased efficiency of enforcement personnel (in terms of violations found per inspection performed. The technology also appeared to be well accepted and appreciated by enforcement personnel, who regarded it as a beneficial addition to their toolkit.

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