This report documents analysis of traffic crash data in Kentucky. A primary objective of this study was to determine average crash statistics for Kentucky highways. Where used, rates were calculated for various highway types and for counties and cities. Difference criteria were used for exposure.

Average and critical numbers, SPFs, and crash rates were calculated for various highway types in rural and urban areas. These metrics rely on crashes identified on highways where Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT) volumes were available. Data in this report may be used to help identify problem areas.

The other primary objective of this study was to provide benchmark data that can be used in to prepare the problem identification portion of Kentucky’s Annual Highway Safety Plan (HSP). Crash statistics were analyzed and a summary of results and recommendations in several problem identification areas is presented. These general areas include alcohol involvement, occupant protection, speed, teenage drivers, pedestrians, bicycles, motorcycles, trucks, and vehicle defects. Other areas covered in the analysis for which specific recommendations were not made include school bus crashes and train crashes.

Crash data are stored in the Collision Report Analysis for Safer Highways (CRASH) database. This database is updated daily, so the number of crashes in a given calendar year continue to change for a substantial time after the end of that year. KTC captures an extract annually for analysis.

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