The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) requires state transportation agencies to submit a biennial report on local highway finances. The purpose of these reports is to provide FHWA with the data it needs to capture the financing of highway activities at the local level. Based on this information, it can identify trends in revenue, expenditures, investments, and program development, and in turn make decisions about future investments. The report, FHWA-536, asks agencies to report on four areas of local highway finance: 1) disposition of highway-user revenues; 2) revenues used for roads and streets identified by source and funding type; 3) road and street expenditures identified by purpose of activity; and 4) local highway debt status. This document summarizes data submitted to fulfill the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet’s FHWA-536 obligations in FY 2019. The table below presents itemized revenues and expenditures in each of the four areas of local highway finance listed above.

Total receipts were $572,773,641, an increase of $128,136,745 over FY 2017. Total disbursements were $660,285,943, an increase of $115,307,524 over FY 2017.

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