The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) has more aggressively pursued preventive maintenance in recent years. Sealing concrete bridge decks is one preventive maintenance activity the Cabinet has actively pursued. KYTC’s Divisions of Maintenance and Structural Design requested assistance from researchers at the Kentucky Transportation Center (KTC) in developing a material specification and application criteria for sealing concrete bridge decks at an appropriate time in their life cycle.

To develop a material specification and application criteria for sealing concrete bridge decks, KTC researchers conducted the following work:

  1. Perform a national survey of departments of transportation (DOTs) for guidelines.
  2. Perform a literature search to determine current practices and guidance.
  3. Contact bridge deck sealer manufacturers for recommendations and review test methods.
  4. Identify factors related to bridge decks that influence sealing.
  5. Develop deck inspection criteria. 6.Prepare a final report that includes criteria for applying sealer to a bridge deck at the appropriate time and a material specification.

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