The Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission is incorporating an Advanced Traveler Information System to alleviate real-time traffic problems associated with special events at the Ervin J. Nutter Center of the Wright State University. This study of the existing conditions is part of the evaluation plan and addresses two tasks: 1) documentation of the existing conditions; and 2) definition of measures of effectiveness. The existing conditions were depicted with the use of a computer simulation software package, Traffic Software Integrated System and separate scenarios were modeled for three existing conditions: ingress and egress for a special event and a major shopping day. For each of the modeled scenarios, several runs were conducted to accurately picture the traffic environment and avoid possible outliers due to the stochastic nature of the simulation program. Model calibration and validation was also used by conducting travel time studies. Several measures of effectiveness were chosen including travel times, delays, and system speeds. Finally, specific routes were studied for each of the scenarios and problem areas were identified.

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