Transportation research in Kentucky has been ongoing since 1914. The Road Materials Testing Laboratory was established that year at the University of Kentucky. Operation of the laboratory commenced in 1915 under the guidance of Professor D.V. Terrell who later became Dean of the College of Engineering. Dean Terrell often noted that the purpose of research was not to save money but to make it go farther. Public funding was never sufficient to accomplish all that various agency personnel considered essential nor that which the public deemed necessary and research was conducted most often for the purpose of gaining more for the money available.

The purposes of this report are: 1) to provide an abbreviated background of the evolution of transportation research in Kentucky; 2) a discussion of research and the administration of research within the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet and its predecessor agencies - the Department of Highways and the Department of Transportation; and 3) a compilation of recent and current research accomplishments which have contributed to the design, construction, maintenance, management, and operations of the highway network within the Commonwealth.

Significant benefits of research endeavors are derived through implementation of research findings and technology transfer to the users. Steps have been initiated by Transportation Cabinet and Federal Highway Administration officials to greatly enhance implementation and technology transfer. Dividends from investments in research multiply in proportion to implementation of research discoveries.

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