During the 1986 General Assembly the Extended-Weight Coal Haul Road System was created by the Kentucky State Legislature. This system was defined to include those highways where more than 50,000 tons of coal had been hauled during the previous year. Trucks hauling coal on the extended-weight system were authorized to exceed the normal weights limits through the payment of an annual decal fee.

In efforts to identify the benefactors of the extended coal haul system legislation, this study has been conducted to identify the overall economic impact of hauling heavier total gross weights by coal truck on the highway infrastructure in Kentucky in 1996. In order to identify the overall economic impact of hauling heavier weights by coal truck an economic analysis had to be preformed. This economic analysis compared the monetary benefits achieved by all users for hauling heavier weights by coal truck to the additional expenses incurred by allowing heavier weights to be hauled on the highway infrastructure.

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