Roadway departures are the leading cause of roadside fatalities. The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) has undertaken a number of roadside safety measures to reduce roadway departures. Specifically, KYTC has installed several low-cost, systemic roadway safety treatments to Kentucky’s roadways in recent years. These treatments include cable barriers, high friction surface treatments, rumble stripes, and Safety Edges. KYTC has installed approximately 44 cable barrier systems over 265 miles of roadway,112 HFST applications over 20 miles of roadway, 750 rumble stripe installations over 2,500 miles of roadway, and 147 Safety Edge treatments on 580 miles of roadway. The project team developed a complete inventory for safety measure installations, including their locations and select characteristics. This information was collected through interviews, KYTC databases, KYTC contract proposals, KTC studies, and onsite assessments. These data served as inputs into KYTC’s statewide highway model. ArcMap was used to reference locations of the inventoried safety treatments. All safety measure installations were compiled into a comprehensive Excel database. The database is a tool that will allow policy makers and transportation agencies to evaluate the effectiveness, cost, and benefits of roadway safety treatments.

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