Deciding which intersections in the state of Kentucky warrant safety improvements requires a comprehensive inventory with information on every intersection in the public roadway network. The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) had previously catalogued only those intersections where state-maintained roadways met. However, this inventory did not account for intersections between state- and locally-maintained routes, nor was it designed to accommodate regular updates. As such, the Kentucky Transportation Center (KTC) at the University of Kentucky developed a methodology to create and maintain a full inventory of every intersection in the state. The database contains precise location information as well as several safety and operational attributes for each point of an intersection. By replicating the topology factors used in the Highway Safety Manual (HSM), the research team categorized every intersection type, and developed. Safety Performance Functions (SPF) for each intersection type. The SPFs were used to rank each intersection. It is anticipated that this project’s deliverables will be used to increase KYTC’s ability to effectively allocate funds to maintain and improve intersection safety. Making the database available to expert users will allow continuous improvements. In the future, AADT data and traffic control information could be included.

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