For years project identifications have been based upon county, section, subsection, and phase of work. While this system worked well in the beginning, overlay constructions, widening efforts, etc. have caused overlapping of projects to the point that identification of a given portion of a highway has become very difficult. Furthermore, each of the many separate phases of work has its own project number and may not be so readily identifiable as the succeeding work phase.

Management came to realize there was a need for a numbering identification system that would be readily understandable. The direct result was the development of the Reference Point (RP) system and the resulting use of the Hardin County file on the GIM computer system. Subsequently, the Division of Planning was given the responsibility of assigning RP' s to all state system highways and preparing a complete set of county RP maps and RP descriptions.

On May 15, 1973, the Secretary of Transportation signed Official Order No. 80184 (see APPENDIX A) authorizing the formation of the Uniform Project Identification (UP!) Task Force, which was to be responsible to the Highway Indexing System Evaluation Committee. The Task Force personnel were assigned by mid-July, and the first meeting was held the end of July 1973. Meetings were conducted during August, September, early October, and late November 1973, and resulted in the issuance of memorandums dated August 15, 1973, and September 24, 1973 (see APPENDIX B).

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