The Versailles Road corridor is a major arterial into the heart of Lexington, KY, connecting the Bluegrass Airport, Keeneland, and the Bluegrass Parkway with downtown. In addition, the corridor serves as the most heavily used transit route within the city. Heavy pedestrian and bicycle usage also exist on the corridor making it one of the most vibrant and diverse multimodal corridors in the city if not the state. However, few improvements have been made for either automobile or other modes of transportation in recent years leading to a poor condition of some facilities and the need for improved and expanded modal facilities on the corridor. A recent report by the Kentucky Transportation Center titled “Evaluation of Road Diets” identified some alternatives to balance auto and other mode uses on corridors such as Versailles Road, and this study was initiated in order to test the feasibility of road diet options. However, the traffic volumes on the roadway exceed the recommended range for those alternatives. Therefore, there is a distinct need to develop alternatives that can improve multimodal uses on high volume roadways, and the Versailles Road corridor is a prime candidate for the development and evaluation of such measures.

The objective of this study is to identify alternative roadway configurations that are capable of balancing multimodal uses including vehicular, pedestrian, bicycle and transit modes. The limits of the study area are from Alexandria Drive to Oliver Lewis Way.

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