Traffic or zone paints have become a major item of expenditure for highway departments with their increasing mileages and with the increase in traffic using the highways. Extending the mileage requiring marking and increasing the traffic wear on the marking has necessitated successively larger purchases of paint and associated equipment. As this market became larger increasing numbers of manufacturers have entered the field with a great diversity of formulations having differing properties.

In order to bring some order out of this situation the Research Laboratory in cooperation with the Division of Traffic undertook a study of the paints as offered by some of the principal producers. Toward this end one-gallon samples of such paints as the producers deemed worthy of consideration were procured - some were purchased and some were donated. The choice was left to the discretion of the manufacturer in order to assure procurement of paints which are currently in production and which the maker would like to sell. Previous experience with samples obtained from brokers and distributers has indicated that they are not reliable sources of either fresh samples or the latest formulations. This procedure, of course, leads to the possibility of obtaining "hand-picked" or laboratory made paints which are better than production runs of the same formula. Any apprehension on this point can be relieved by further testing of any paints purchased in quantity to assure their compliance with specifications and performance of the original specimen.

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