Following the program of in-service transverse stripe evaluation coupled with laboratory study of traffic paint samples submitted by various manufacturers who propose to bid on the Departments paint requirements, field stripes were placed August 19, 1952. For this test stripes were placed in the same general location as that used the two previous years (U.S. 27 south of Lexington at the junction of the concrete and bituminous pavements). Gradings contained herein were made December 27, 1952, and thus represent a somewhat premature five-month evaluation. However, the set of stripes placed in 1951 were scrutinized since they had sixteen months of service, and those paints which appeared in good condition in both groups have been selected as the most desirable and are recommended. In the case of paints which were placed this year but were not previously tested, no discrimination was made except to note the evaluation as tentative and subject to change as more data became available.

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