The data presented in this report were obtained in laboratory investigations of concrete mixes, the majority of which were correlated with Highway Department field projects. Practically all of this information has been recorded in vast reports on individual studies, but here these are combined and summarized in order to facilitate comnarisons between the results from tests similar in nature, and to provide wider distribution of these results.

Of the four research projects considered three were devoted to tests on beam specimens prepared in the field and sent to the Research Laboratory for analyses. The fourth was purely a laboratory study designed as a means for evaluating factors related to the variables incornorated in the three experimental roads. All were partially concerned with the air-entraining properties of cement and cement blends. On the other hand, there were additional factors, such as the aggregates, sources of cements, and testing techniques which were intentionally diversified. Consequently, comparisons can be made only in a general way.

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