The ground-motion hazard maps and time histories for three earthquake scenarios, expected earthquakes, probable earthquakes, and maximum credible earthquakes on the free surface in hard rock (shear-wave velocity >1,500 m/s), were derived using the deterministic seismic hazard analysis. The results are based on (1) historical observations, (2) instrumental records, and (3) current understanding of the earthquake source, recurrence, and ground-motion attenuation relationship in the central United States. It is well understood that there are uncertainties in the ground motion hazard maps because of the uncertainties inherent in parameters such as earthquake location, magnitude, and frequency used in the study. This study emphasizes the earthquakes that would have maximum impacts on humans and structures. The ground-motion parameters, including time histories, are intended for use in the recommended zone (not site-specific) where the structure is assumed to be situated at the top of a bedrock foundation. For sites underlain by soils, and in particular for sites underlain by poorly consolidated soils, it is recommended that site-specific investigations be conducted by qualified professionals in order to determine the possibilities of amplification, liquefaction, slope failure, and other considerations when subjected to the ground motions.

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Revised on March 27, 2012.

Data for "Seismic Input for Kentucky Counties" is available as the additional file listed at the end of this record.

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Seismic Input for Kentucky Counties