This report which presents results from additional study of the Sandstone Test Road located on S.R. 30 in Magoffin and Breathitt Counties, is a supplement to Report No. 1 dated April, 1952. The project consisted of a laboratory investigation and construction of a 20-mile test road, with all the original work carried out over a period from early 1950 to November 1951.

Details concerning both laboratory and field work are contained in Report No. 1 and need not be discussed here. However, to keep the general objectives of the study clear, they are restated as follows:

  1. To develop comprehensive information concerning the nature and character of sandstone throughout Eastern Kentucky.
  2. To establish standards for crushed sandstone as a bituminous paving aggregate.
  3. To establish design criteria for sandstone-bituminous mixtures.
  4. To examine the feasibility of utilizing full crusher output.
  5. To establish construction standards and practices commensurate with the processing and handling characteristics of the stones and paving mixes.

Specifications, based on results of the original study in 1950 and 1951 were prepared, and in 1952 more than 40 miles of sandstone pavements were constructed under contract. When the original study was concluded, it was realized that the value of specifications, as well as the value of other results, was contingent upon the ultimate performance of the paving mixtures in the Test Road. Hence, final evaluation was dependent upon a series of pavement condition surveys with supplemental tests on samples of the pavement. This report is concerned with three of the surveys in this series, and with tests on cores taken from the road.

With the exception of data pertaining to types of failures, most of which are directly attributed to base and drainage conditions, nothing in the report is considered conclusive at this stage. Rather, the report constitutes a record of performance and a part of the information from which conclusions will ultimately be drawn.

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