On November 18, 1948, the assembly of joints with prefabricated neoprene sealers was demonstrated by representative of the Lastite Joint Company, 105 W. Madison Street, Chicago 2, Illinois, on the construction project on U.S. 27, about 5 miles south of Alexandria. Installation was not possible at that time due to the fact that the contract was temporarily without cement.

Installation was made on November 30, 1948, under the supervision of a representative of the company. This installation was not completely satisfactory due to the inexperience of the paving crew with this type of joint. The joint at Station 622÷22 was knocked askew by the finishing machine and makes an angle of about 20° with the vertical at one end (See Fig. 1). Another of the joints has an offset at the center of the joint, the cause of which is not known (See Fig. 2). The third joint resulted in a placement where the depth of the rubber with respect to the pavement surface varies, probably due to finishing difficulties and setting of the joint.

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