This project was last reported in January, 1951, or approximately two years ago. Three previous reports have been made. Report No. 2 was dated December, 1949, and Report No. 1 was made July, 1949. A memorandum report (for file only) covering the two 1951 inspections was made in February of 1952.

This road is a section of U.S. 31W in Simpson County designated as FI 239(4). It runs from Sta. 9-11 at the Tennessee State Line to Sta. 311-40 at the south city limit of Franklin (see layout plot). It consists of a 22-foot concrete pavement underlain by 1-1/2 inches of compacted crushed limestone (size No. 10) for insulation and leveling. The slab is of air-entrained concrete made with the agent intergrounded in the cement. There is a longitudinal joint at the center which is of metal with 1/2-inch deformed tie bars, but there are no transverse joints except for butt-type joints at the end of each run. The pavement was completed June 30, 1949.

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No. 87

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