On August 28, 1961, personnel of the Research Division were requested to observe a demonstration of a newly developed Etnyre Median Paver. The demonstration was given at the Lehman-Roberts Company plant in Lexington, and was arranged primarily for the benefit of the paving contractor working on Euclid Avenue in Lexington. The paving contract called for the construction of a surmountable bituminous concrete median which, to our understanding, is the first instance for construction of that type to be machine-laid. Some doubts arose during the demonstration as to the ability of the machine to hold alignment and to give adequate compaction.

Following the demonstration, it seemed advisable to examine the finished median from the standpoint of density and stability. Representatives of the Division of Design, present at the demonstration, requested that the Research Division examine and evaluate a short trial-section of the median. The trial-section, approximately 25 ft. long, was laid that afternoon on the lot of the Thompson, King and Tate Ready-Mix Concrete Company in Lexington.

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