The report enclosed is somewhat routine inasmuch as it documents a repeat of a portion of an earlier experimental project. The previous project was on Poplar Level Road; our final report was dated July 1966 (KYHPR-64-1). Special Provision No. 70 was used also on the Jefferson Freeway project. However, there was no "control section" involved in the current project. The Jefferson Freeway project was authorized by the BPR under P.P.M. 60-2 only (now PPM 20-6.3).

The most significant findings from both projects concern the water requirements the concrete containing the fly-ash admixture. Whereas laboratory tests indicated reasonable expectations of a reduction in water demand in the fly-ash concrete -- in comparison to normal concrete -- these expectations were not realized during construction of either project; and so that peculiar phenomenon persists and remains unexplainable.

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