Presented herein are a summary and evaluation of the performance of a reinforced concrete section of U.S. 27 in north central Kentucky which has been in existence since the summer of 1941. The pavement, totaling 7.89 miles, was constructed in 10 experimental test sections, as shown on the layout map in Figure 1. Five blends of cement, containing normal portland, natural, and two additives, were used with two types of coarse aggregate, limestone and gravel. Since the construction of the pavement in the summer of 1941, several reports and memoranda have been released dealing with various aspects of the over-all study:

  1. Test results on cores taken in 1941, KDH, April, 1942.
  2. Results of freezing and thawing beams made in 1941, KDH, August, 1943.
  3. Supplement to August, 1943, freeze and thaw report, KDH, November, 1944.
  4. Summary Report of Concrete Investigations in Research Projects, HMRL, December, 1945.
  5. Experiments with Air-Entrainment in Cement Concrete, Engineering Experiment Station, Bulletin No. 5, Sept. 1947. (The test sections are referred to as Project C-1 in this bulletin.)
  6. Inspection Report, HMRL, June, 1953.
  7. Inspection Report, HMRL, June, 1957.

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