With the increased mileage of highways being built to high standards, the resulting high-speed travel requires that more and larger signs be installed to relay to the motoring public information they require. It would be desirable to have a method of design which will result in a foundation involving rather simple construction procedures. It was decided that a cylindrical, non-reinforced concrete foundation with an uniform diameter would be the most advantageous for construction purposes. It should be realized, however, tha(the most efficient shape theoretically is one that has increased diameters at the top and the bottom.

The resistance of a soil to the tilting forces induced in a sign foundation by forces acting on the sign are difficult to evaluate. However, there is a need for a method by which approximate analyses can be made so that the diameter and length of the cylindrical foundation can be determined. The errors in assumptions or solution must, of course, be kept on the side of safety.

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