Two types of seals are proposed for installation in contraction and construction joints in Ramp A, Ramp B, and the Main-Line structures from Third Street to Preston Street on Project I64-2(24)4, Jefferson County. The majority of contraction and construction joints are to be sealed with the preformed, compressed, neoprene seals. Specific joints in each structure will be sealed with cold-applied, elastomeric-type, joint-sealing compound; and these will be used as control joints for evaluation of the preformed, compressed, neoprene seals. Installation of all seals will be observed, and inspections will be made periodically. The performance of mastic-type sealants in joints in structures in the general vicinity of this construction will be observed, and comparisons will be made with the experimental seals. A companion study will be made on Project No, US724-(2), Fayette County, where the Newtown Road crosses over the New Circle Road. Preformed, compressed, neoprene seals are proposed for both the northbound and southbound structures. The primary basis for analysis will be:

(a) Time-in-service before leakage is detected.

(b) Condition of slabs adjacent to joints,

(c) Condition of piers and (or) slabs below joints,

(d) Incompressibles encroaching into (or) onto the sealants.

The principal objectives of the project are: 1) to monitor and to document the installation and performance of preformed, compressed, neoprene seals in joints in a concrete bridge deck, arid 2) to compare the performance of these seals with the performance of conventional sealants.

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