According to Joe Creason's report appearing in the Courier-Journal June 23, 1957 (copy attached), the Kentucky Rock Asphalt Company elected, June 14, 1957, to liquidate. Among the assets was a stockpile of material which was valued at $197,000 (I recall that the stated price, F.O.B. Sweden, in 1955 was $7.00 per ton); this calculates to be 28,140 tons-- which is a small quantity in comparison to the gross production (200,000 to 275,000 tons; $1.2 to $1.75 million) during some prior years. Apparently 1956 was the last year of sales, and I believe that Kentucky was the sole purchaser. Perhaps as much as 100,000 tons was used for re-surfacing in Kentucky during 1956. U.S. 60 and 421 on the east side of Frankfort was one of the last resurfacing projects.

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