Engineering soils and geologic reports are invaluable tools for engineers, industrial leaders, community planners and administrators during preliminary stages of planning and site selection for construction projects. Such information can be used to great advantage by planners in making soil and geologic reconnaissance surveys, in organizing and checking field surveys, in correlating and predicting performances of soil and geologic materials, and in locating construction materials and resource deposits. Recognizing the need for this type of information, the Division of Research, Bureau of Highways, Kentucky Department of Transportation, has undertaken a study to report the engineering geognosy of Kentucky. The report herein presents and discusses engineering properties and behavior of unconsolidated surficial deposits and consolidated bedrock materials located in the ten counties of the Western Coal Field. These counties include Butler, Daviess, Hancock, Henderson, Hopkins, McLean, Muhlenberg, Ohio, Union and Webster. Engineering soils data were retrieved from design and construction plans of the Bureau of Highways, Kentucky Department of Transportation, for routes passing through the area, as well as from reports prepared by the Soil Conservation Service and other agencies and individuals. Tabulated in the report are engineering test data for some 1646 soil samples obtained from 1309 highway borings in the Western Coal Field. Brief descriptions of the geography, topography, pedology and geology of the area are given.

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