With increased emphasis on public accountability and program evaluation, the need for effectiveness measures to indicate the extent to which an agency's goals and objectives are being met is increasingly apparent. A research study was undertaken to establish and implement a procedure for monitoring the effectiveness of transportation services in Kentucky. Quantitative data for many of the effectiveness measures were obtainable only through responses from the public. Surveys of licensed drivers and bus riders were selected as data sources. This report addresses the procedures and results of the two surveys. Responses were received from 35.5 percent of the 10,000 licensed drivers who were sent questionnaires and 26.0 percent of the 4,560 bus riders. Results from the surveys were summarized into the following areas: (l) survey response, (2) personal information, (3) satisfaction with transportation services, (4) inadequate transportation services, (5) drivers' complaints and compliments, (6) future government spending for transportation, (7) problems getting to various destinations, (8) use of other modes of transportation, (9) opinions on laws or government regulations, and (10) bus rider survey.

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