In October 1966, J.W. Spurrier, Assistant Operations Management Engineer, requested that the Research Division make a study of a two-mile section of the shoulders on the Mountain Parkway Extension in Wolfe County (from Mile Post 43.8 to Mile Post 45.8) and make recommendations for design and construction procedures for cement stabilization of the shoulders. In compliance with this request, in January 1967, Research Division personnel made a survey of the full length of shoulder on the Mountain Parkway Extension. Included in this survey were measurements of depth of the dense graded aggregate, penetrations of the shoulder subgrade soil and samples taken of the DGA and soil. Compressive strengths were measured on sampled material treated with cement. A memorandum reporting the results of the shoulder survey, compressive tests, and recommended cement treatment design and construction procedures was prepared in March 1967 (see Appendix A). A typical section of the shoulder, as originally constructed, is shown in Figure 1.

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Memo from Robert L. Florence (Department of Transportation, Commonwealth of Kentucky) and Tommy C. Hopkins (Department of Transportation, Commonwealth of Kentucky) to James H. Havens (Department of Transportation, Commonwealth of Kentucky), June 24, 1968.