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Mary Catharine Love Collins (LL.B., 1915)

Mary Catharine Love Collins was born in Pennsylvania on June 3, 1882 to Winfield S. Love (1846-1905) and Amelia M. (Rider) Love (1846-1916). Collins attended Dickinson College where she obtained a BA in 1902 and a MA in 1908. She was awarded an honorary doctorate from Dickinson College in 1952.

Collins and her then husband, Harry May Collins (1876-1944?), moved to Lexington, Kentucky after their marriage in 1903. Ms. Collins attended Transylvania University where she graduated from the law program in 1911. She began to practice law in Lexington that same year and continued her practice there until the mid-1920s. Collins furthered her legal education at the University of Kentucky College of Law where she received an LL.B. in 1915, becoming the College's first woman graduate. During her time in Lexington, Collins was also highly involved with women's voting groups.

Collins was the president of the Chi Omega fraternity between 1910 and 1952. She became president emeritus and provided guidance for the organization after this. The Chi Omega fraternity offers a scholarship in her honor.

Collins died in 1972.

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Microcosm, the Dickinson College yearbook (1902)