College of Law Class of 1923




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Calvin Hill Lisman

Dixon, Kentucky

ΔX; ΦΑΔ; Henry Clay Law Society; Kentucky Law Journal Staff

“Lizzie” is quite a conservative lawyer, whose record in the Law College foretells a glorious success. Our campus butterflies have fluttered by unnoticed, and then we know he remains true to the little girl back home.

-The Kentuckian, 1923
Calvin Hill Lisman (July 7, 1902 - March 21, 1960) was born in Slaughters, Kentucky to Rice Marian Lisman and Ruby Owen Tapp. Lisman practiced law in Dixon, Kentucky in the law firm of Withers & Lisman. He was master commissioner of Webster County for 30 years and served as director of two banks. Lisman married Lula Melton.