College of Law Class of 1923




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William Henderson Smith, LL.B.

Manchester, Kentucky

Henry Clay Law Society; Men’s Student Council

“Bill” comes to us from a land where moonshine flows like water, but his only bad habits are drawing the face of Andy Gump all over the walls of the Law Department and occasionally stepping out to the races. He’s a lion with the ladies, and quite a politician, having defeated every man in his class, particularly “Tammany Bill” in the race for Student Council Representative.

-The Kentuckian, 1923

William Henderson Smith (December 19, 1894 - January 9, 1990) was born in Clay County, Kentucky to Nathaniel Branham Smith and Rachel Craft. Smith first attended Sue Bennett College and West Point. He then practiced law in Lexington after receiving his LL.B. from the University of Kentucky. He also briefly practiced in Louisville and Nashville. Smith's practice focused on real estate law and transactions. He married Elizabeth Edna Land in 1929.