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Owen Scott Lee, B.S. '15, LL.B. '23

Sadieville, Kentucky

ΑΔΣ; Editor-in-chief Kentuckian, Editor Varsity Hand Book, Strollers, Class Baseball, Class Football, Turtles.

"He was complete in feature, and in mind, With all good grace to grace a gentleman."

Owen evidently wanted to learn something of affinities so he entered Chemistry, four years ago. (We can't think of any other reason why any one would want to take it.) We suppose he will, like the rest of his fellow slaves in Chem., go back to the farm--"Sunnybrook." We could say all kinds of nice things about Owen, but space does not permit. He is as true and staunch a friend as one could ever have. Here's to you, Owen; we know you'll make good.

-The Kentuckian, 1915

Owen Scott Lee (October 25, 1893 - March 18, 1965) was born in Sadieville, Kentucky to Robert Edward Lee and Mary Gano. After receiving his B.S., Lee served during World War I and then worked as a chemist. He practiced law in Lexington after receiving his LL.B. in 1923. In addition to his legal practice, Lee served as the legal adviser to Kentucky's Board of Registration for Professional Engineers for over 20 years. He was also a manager of the Tobacco Hail Insurance Adjustment Bureau. Lee owned and operated several farms in Scott County. He married Rebecca Smith in 1945.