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Brady Marshall Stewart, LL.B.

Kevil, Kentucky

Another lawyer who hides his life away in the alcoves and nooks of the law library absorbing Blackstone instead of mingling in youthful folly in Buell Armory and down in the Journalism Rooms. But we bet he's learnt something.

-The Kentuckian, 1922

Brady Marshall Stewart (June 26, 1894 - July 28, 1983) was born in Ballard County, Kentucky to Robert Fulton Stewart and Minnie Finch Thompson. Stewart practiced law in Paducah after graduation. He was elected as McCracken County Judge in 1934 and served in that capacity until 1950. In 1950, Stewart was elected to the Kentucky Court of Appeals. He served on the court for 16 years and twice served as the chief justice of that court. Stewart retired from the legal profession in 1967 and occasionally served as a special judge. Stewart married twice--his wives were Eva Lee Allender (m. 1922) and Martha Barbour Perry (m. 1963).