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George Talton Ross, LL.B.

Richmond, Kentucky

Henry Clay Law Society.

George walks with great and mighty strides, He has some winsome ways; He is an orator of note Possessed of a merciless gaze.

-The Kentuckian, 1921

George Talton Ross (July 21, 1895 - August 14, 1984) was born in Kirksville, Kentucky to Thomas Pond Ross and Nancy Lee Wheeler. Ross practiced law in Madison County, Kentucky after graduation. He served as Madison County attorney between 1926-1929. He also served terms as president of the Madison County Bar Association and the Kentucky Bar Association. Ross served as the legal counsel for Eastern Kentucky University's board of regents. The law library room in EKU's Crabbe Library is named after him. He married Jeanette Eldridge in 1930.