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George Dewey Downing, LL.B.

Lexington, Kentucky

Football; Track; Keys; Mystic Thirteen; Henry Clay Law Society.

Football players are born and not made, and "Dude" heads the list. When it comes to mussin' the opponents' line, "Dude" is always on the job, and this is not the only line he is proficient in. But we all know about his daily strolls over the campus; also, that he is never unaccompanied. He has a smile that is not half bad, but—well, who wouldn’t?

-The Kentuckian, 1920

George Dewey Downing, Sr. (May 9, 1897 - May 9, 1973) was born in Fayette County, Kentucky to Samuel Bullock Downing and Elizabeth Evelyn Blank. Downing worked as an auctioneer and realtor after graduating. He served as the Athletic Director at Morehead State University for many years and a building on the MSU campus is named after him. Downing married Kathalene Cramer in 1925.