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Edward Everett Hardin, LL.B.

Sebree, Kentucky

Delta Chi; Tau Kappa Alpha; Henry Clay Society; Union Literary Society.

Judge, when forced, will tell you that he is from Sebree. The name is synonymous with sea breeze, hence the Judge is as full of salty conversation and convincing argument as a dog is of fleas. He has friends by the score, but he has withstood the attacks of the vampires all four years. Ed has probably promised some little Sebree girl that he would remain true, and believe us, Eddie has kept his word.

-The Kentuckian, 1920

Edward Everett Hardin (February 13, 1897 - December 12, 1948) was born in Onton, Kentucky to William Hardin and Nellie Townes. His brother, Henry Townes Hardin ('14), was also a graduate of the University of Kentucky College of Law. Edward Hardin practiced law in Evansville, Indiana with his brother in the firm of Hardin & Hardin. He was appointed deputy prosecutor in Evansville in 1922. He was later appointed city attorney in 1925. Hardin additionally served terms as deputy county attorney and assistant city attorney. Hardin retired from his law practice in 1930 and transitioned to home construction. He oversaw the construction of hundreds of low cost homes in the Evansville area. Hardin married Mildred Lashley in 1926.